Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnets have many medical applications and are used in a variety of ways. They are being used in new machines considered to be less harmful than some existing technologies. The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), for example, is rapidly replacing x-ray diagnosis because it is safer and more accurate. 

Used externally, magnets stimulated the body's innate capacity to heal itself. How they do so is not completely understood, but that they work is not disputed. Because of the powerful effect even the smallest magnets can have on the body, their application must be done under strict supervision. 

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General Information

The human body produces subtle magnetic fields that are generated by the chemical reactions within the cells and the ionic currents of the nervous system. Magnets work with the body's electromagnetic fields that govern its nervous system, organs and cells. The magnetic fields produced by magnets or electromagnetic devices, such as magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI), are able to penetrate the human body as if it was air, even through bone

Biomagnetic therapy can be applied in many ways, through a wide array of devices. They range from small, simple magnets to large machines capable of generating high magnitudes of field strength. Specially designed plastiform, ceramic and neodymium magnets can be placed individually or in clusters about the head and body during treatment. Produced for home use, magnetic blankets and beds improving sleep and reducing stress. There are also magnetic massage devices and reflexology pads. Multi-pole flat, thin pads are also used over any area of the body. The types of magnets to use for a given problem, the depth of field needed and the placement all require specialized knowledge. 

At present, there are generally two different methods of magnetic therapy application, those who expose the body to only the north (negative) pole and those who use low gauss strength in simultaneous exposure to both the negative and positive poles. 

How Biomagnetics act on the body:

Cycles and Poles


The frequency at which a magnetic field is pulsed determines whether or not it is harmful. For example, normal frequencies of the human brain during waking hours range from eight to twenty cycles per second, and dips as low as two cycles per second while in sleep. The higher frequencies found in artificial electrical currents may disturb the brain's natural resonant frequencies and in time lead to cellular fatigue. 

Various studies have turned up distressing results, such as the development of brain tumors, significant increase in childhood cancer, and higher  incidents of miscarriages in areas of high frequency electrical fields. Suspected culprits include electrical power lines, electric blankets, fluorescent lighting, microwave ovens, and other electrical devices.

Caution: Even the weakest of magnets can affect the body's subtle electromagnetic fields. Since even minor alterations in the field can cause mild to serious symptoms, magnetic therapy should be practiced under the supervision of a qualified professional. 


The positive pole has a stress effect. With prolonged exposure, the positive pole interferes with metabolic functioning by producing acidity, reducing cellular oxygen supplies and encouraging the replication of latent microorganisms. The positive (or mixed field) slows down the electrons and protons which spin around th structural atoms and molecules in the  body. This causes a reduction in the molecular action and hence the cellular function. As a result blood flow increases to the area of stimulus as well as increases to the area of stimulus as well as increasing electrical flow away from the brain. This increased electrical flow does increase molecular action, but by doing so, it drains vital energy reserves which would normally be held for emergencies. 

The negative pole has a calming effect and helps to normalize metabolic functioning. The pure negative field is natural to the body - it only enhances molecular action by speeding up the electrons and protons of the structural atoms and molecules in the body. This rejuvenates the cells. The negative field replicates the earth's natural magnetic field in all but a few countries in the Southern Hemisphere. The molecular structure of the structural cells of the body orientate themselves to the type of magnetic field in which they have divided. By putting your body in an enhanced magnetic field the same as the earth's, you are adding to your energy, not using it up. At present, there are no known side effects from extensive exposure to negative fields. 


The growing field of biomagnetics have shown that tissues to which magnets have been applied show enhanced magnetic signals for some time after the magnets have been removed. 

Some of the maladies where the application of magnets are effective are:

Conditions benefited:

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