Body Manipulation Therapies

Hands are the most valuable diagnostic and therapeutic tool in body manipulation therapies. Whether treating the body as a whole or in its individual parts, mechanical manipulation is used to realign or properly restructure components.

The goal of body manipulation practitioners is to diagnose misalignments, and, by manipulating hard and soft tissue, bring the individual parts back to their optimal function so the body can heal itself. 

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Craniosacral Therapy:

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Chiropractors are trained and licensed as primary health care physicians. They treat muscular/skeletal injury and problems. Some chiropractors specialize in orthopedics, radiology, or sports medicine. Additionally, chiropractic =care can aid in maintaining the general body health through balancing the nervous system.

Chiropractic adjustments align joints. When joints are misaligned, the muscles that cross that joint are required to work unusually or extra hard, resulting in extra stress and strain to the muscle, and misbalancing part of the muscle with respect to another part. This can give a cumulative, degenerating effect on the joint surface itself. Olympic athletes have discovered that their performances improves if their joints, both in the spine and in the extremities, are balanced before they compete.

Oftentimes chiropractic care can improve joint motion, restore proper blood flow to the joint, and in the long run, affect degenerative changes positively. A subluxation can cause a facilitated state; that is where excess nerve impulses flow to internal organs. This can result in too much or too little of hormonal secretions, an underactive or an overactive metabolic process in the liver, the heart, the digestive system, etc. For this reason, regular chiropractic care can be seen as good, preventive medicine. The nervous system is make up of the parasympathetic and the sympathetic systems. these two systems are regulated through areas of the spine at the top and at the bottom - the cranial and the sacral areas. Chiropractic care offers balancing of these two systems (Dr. Willow Moore, N.D.)

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Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher and founder of Taoism, originated Qigong, which consists of patterned breathing and stylized physical movements performed while visualizing the flow of qi (also know as ch'i) energy. Lao Tzu became so aware of the flowing of his personal qi energy that he could detect disease causing imbalances and repair them by conscious manipulation. His method of sensing and controlling qi is known as qigong - "to work the qi."

There are two forms of Qigong: "Internal Qigong" is the manipulation of one's own qi energy, and "External Qigong" is the manipulation of qi by a practitioner outside their won body. Those who can maintain full control over the vital flow of qi are called Qigong masters and can reportedly transmit restorative qi through his or her hands to people whose depleted stores of qi have left them weak or ill.

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