Victoria Curtiss
EHHS Art Teacher

Yearbook advisor 
Robotics Coach
Photography class was able to venture out to the XX Bar Farm and Ranch
The reason for this field trip was to use the DSLR cameras in Manual mode.
Students are learning to focus, adjust the lighting and follow the action of their subject.
They have been practicing in the school but it was fun to get out and have new subject
matter. Students were assigned certain photo shots such as texture, contrasting
shapes, animals with interesting angles, landscape and buildings. – Mrs. Curtiss
The Farm

When we went to the farm I actually had a very fun time, it was really fun to see
all the different animals and the different farm equipment. I really enjoyed the whole field
trip but if I had to pick one it would probably be the part when I stepped on the ice and
my left foot fell through and I ended up with a muddy wet shoe and then had to change
into different shoes when we got back to the school.In the end I am very glad that we
worked this out and we were able to make this work out and we were able to go to the
farm and take pictures and see the different animals and farm equipment.
                                                                                                                 – Kobe Mergenthaler