Victoria Curtiss
EHHS Art Teacher

Yearbook advisor 
Robotics Coach

The Vigilante Spirit is Spreading!

There is a new look to the Schiller building! These girls worked hard painting and sharing their school pride. Check out the Mural East Main and Montana Ave. Pictured: Jamie Fessenden, Carly Copenhaver, Kota Petersen, Jillian Stewart, Amber Stevenson, Aryanna Schiller and not pictured Alba Schwarmann.

East Helena City Mural

EVMS and EHHS art students were asked to help paint a mural for the city park. The mural depicts the Prickly Pear Creek in seven panels. Be sure to take a picnic and enjoy the view in East Helena City Park.

New Superintendent
by Hunter Aichimayr

Our favorite principal, Mr. Rispens, will be leaving the principal position to become our new Superintendent. One of the things that the new superintendent is excited about is being able to learn something new. When asked, Mr.Rispens said: What are you most excited about? Learning something new and the new responsibilities.
What will you miss the most about being a principal? Supporting the teachers and students, and being available to interact and be a part of the everyday activities. Mr. Rispens says that one of the ways he intends to stay engaged with the students is by trying to have lunch with the student council to learn about what is going on in the schools. Try and read to the kids at the elementary schools and be available to interact with the students and staff. Mr. Rispens says that he thinks it will be a little more difficult and more stressful to work with the adults more instead of working with the students.
Mr. Ripsens says that he is looking forward to the new responsibilities of becoming superintendent, and supporting the new principal’s and teachers to be strong educators here in East Helena.

New Principal-Brian Kessler
by Kaden Dabney

Our new principal will be Brian Kessler. Currently he is the assistant principal
and athletic director at Havre High School. In the past he was the assistant principal at
Helena High School and he also taught in Livingston. Mr. Kessler has moved around for
nine years but likes the Helena area best. He looks forward to establishing new
traditions here at EHHS.

Best Wishes in Retirement
by Nico Musgjerd

Mr. Whitmoyer has been the superintendent for longer than some of us have even been in school. We have known him for almost our entire lives. He’s been our biggest supporter and the number one fan for every team. Mr. Whitmoyer says that he has multiple favorite and funny memories with students. He knows everyone’s name and something good about them. “Like Olivia and how crazy she was during soccer”. Speaking of sports, Mr. Whitmoyer says that his favorite sport is soccer. “What’s my favorite sport? Soccer, girls soccer.” Whitmoyer has been supporting girls soccer since day one. He’s their biggest fan! Mr Whitmoyer loves seeing each student succeed and his favorite classes are the ones where he can see students working hard, and being creative. “My favorite classes are the ones where I can see them working hard, being creative and being inspired.” Not only does he love the students, he loves the staff too. “ Every fall I tell the staff that they are the best staff in the entire state, if not the entire northwest states.” Mr Whitmoyer loves to see both students and staff succeed in this community. We’ll greatly miss Mr. Whitmoyer. Thank you for teaching and being the superintendent for East Helena!