It’s easy to forget that¬† Canyon Ferry Lake campgrounds are only about 15 miles from East Helena. It can get quite crowded in summertime but in March or September you may find they are all yours! Many times I have been all alone with my pups at both of these campgrounds over the years.
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This is Court Sheriff Campground. One morning I looked out the camper window and saw this gang! When I opened the door, they all came charging. I threw them some pieces of bread and they ended up hanging around all morning.

Apparently wild turkeys are frequent visitors to Court Sheriff, although in all the years I have been visiting there I had never seen any. These guys were quite friendly. I expect they have visited campers quite often. PS: they LOVE whole wheat bread!

This is Jo Bonner Campground: I have been here many times and occasionally see a single American White Pelican but on this day there were two flocks. They are beautiful birds to watch, especially when they fly off or land on the water.