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 EHHS NEWS  April, 2021


 Business Professionals of America is a club that learns how to run a business. The members of the club are Ella Picket, Teagan Wigen, Kylie Queen, Bella Williamson, Aspen Merritt, and Lizzie Sturges. The club is opening up a place in the school called the Haberdashery and the snack shack, which is going to sell many things. An example of something they are going to sell is water and other things that are not in the vending machines. They are also going to sell vigilante merchandise, including lanyards, masks, and phone wallets. They are going to learn how to run a business correctly and learn the struggles of selling and marketing.
– by Colter DeYoung

Student View Point by Jaenka Jimison

“The life of a student here at EHHS has changed drastically over the past year and a half. With covid and the changing of teachers every year students have to adapt to new scenarios everyday, changing our lifestyle from large congregations at sporting events
and dances, we now have to mask up, social distance and miss out on the wonders of high school. Through this point of the year it has been tough but as a team and as a family we have gotten through it like no other.” said by Taigen Hagen when asked about
what he thinks of student life here at EHHS. EHHS has pushed through covid and we still come to school with high hopes and work as a team to make school a safe place.

EHHS TRACK By Grant Laman

This year marks the first full year that the track team is going to be competing and practicing, as the last year of track was cancelled due to covid. There is plenty of talent on this year’s track team. Team member Tyzer Moden says. “ It’s good having just freshman and sophomores, since they are competing in varsity events, the meets are fun.” Although this program is new, it seems that all the athletes have the same love for the sport. “So far this year we have only had
3 track meets, and they have all been really enjoyable. Practices are sometimes hard because of the weather and conditioning, but it is making everyone better. Most people seem to get along well and it’s an enjoyable environment. Competing against the best and fastest athletes in the state is intimidating but also a good learning experience, and it drives you to work harder. Our team, even now, has a couple people competing in varsity events and holding their own. We definitely have a bright future in track, and I am looking forward to more meets where we can have people qualify for state.” says Kaden Saegar.


Look out! Here comes the EHHS softball team! We interviewed the team captains, Dru Lindsey and Belle Surginer, “It’s very nice motivation to do well and help our team out. It’s a good opportunity to get to know everyone and a big honor that everyone chose me to help represent our team.” Says Dru, when asked what the feeling is like to be a team captain for softball. As a team, these girls love playing with each other. Their energy on the softball field is beyond respectable. Win or not, the team always has a
smile on their face. When asked what it is like being on a team with each other Belle says, “ Playing with my teammates is my favorite part about the sport, I know they 

will always have my back and I have them so it’s a great relationship we all have that carries onto the field.”
On the field and off the field these girls are very strong. Going out of their way to help each other in every way they can. To them being a team is more than just on the field games and practices, it’s all the little things off the field that make them a true team. These girls have a morning study hall where they all get together and put in all the school work that is due or isn’t complete and they get it done so that they can play in the upcoming games. Even the little things matter such as fighting through the bite of the cold weather at practices and games so they can get better. Softball is a true fighting team to go against.
– by Kota Petersen