Victoria Curtiss
Photography Instructor

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A taste of East Helena High School through our student’s eyes.
This is not your typical high school experience but our students are making the most of their time in our new high school building. Here are some photos taken by EHHS Photography students and their thoughts about the space in the photo.

The track and football field, I remember going to the homecoming football game and having so much fun. That is definitely a good memory in my freshman year. The snow I love because skiing is one of the sports I love to do. I also enjoy running the track for warm up during my cross country season. All of those things are sentimental or important to me, so that’s why I took a picture of the field and track. -Abi Eckerson

Culinary Class is one of my favorite classes. The teacher Mrs. Corcoran is really good at teaching you how to cook and learn more about healthy eating and nutrition. I thought this class was very fun because we get to cook food and eat it all day long. The information we also learn is very useful for everyday living as well. You can tell the teacher is very passionate about teaching this class and it makes the students want to learn. Overall culinary is a very useful class and I think this teacher does a great job at getting kids involved in the kitchen and wanting to learn more about food nutrition. – Jaclyn Lukus

This is Miss Munn. She is the counselor at East Helena High School. She works very hard and
helps a tremendous amount of kids each and every day. – Aneea Williams

The library has been closed for some time now due to COVID-19. The library itself has been closed off and you can’t check out books in the library itself. Luckily you can check out library books online and the library teacher will deliver the book to you class. – Kelton Gardner

Our school has already grown so much this year and is such a great community. I am very excited to see what this highschool will bring us over these next few years of me going here. -Morgan Lorenz

When I first got here and saw this part of the building I thought that this was just like the high school from high school musical where they did the cafeteria dancing and singing scene. – Lizzie Sturges

This is a picture of the EHHS band. We are proud of our band and the great music they make. They have been practicing since 6th grade. They are a great group of individuals. – Bella Guccione

This is my favorite place to be in and out of school because in weightlifting class you play games which are fun, and before school I go to open gym here,
and after school this is where we have basketball practice and so this is what makes this the best place to be for me pretty much anytime of the day or night. -Kobe Mergenthaler

I decided to take a picture of these books in the library because I love to read. This past year, I have been reading more books before bed and when I get home from school. I mostly like to read historical fiction books because I can learn from them. My favorite book does not exist because I love most all books.- Faith Jennin

The conference room is one of my favorite places in the school. I love working there and sharing ideas and learning from others when we work together. The conference room brings out many good conversations not only about school but getting to know people better. This is a good place where I have made many new friends and gotten a lot of work done in school this year. I am looking forward to many more years in this school and using the same conference rooms to make the same memories. – Morgan Lorenz

The snow outside on the tables is traditional for this time of year, but it has been less prevalent this year. Although I do not like the snow, when it melts and freezes again and again or is mostly slush, my favorite when all of the snow is fresh. The first snowfall of the year is indeed my favorite experience of the winter season. Since this year lacked snow through the main winter
months, there was not a chance to do regular winter activities, which was disappointing. I like the first snow, almost more than the warmth and sunshine of summer, but once the snow turns to slush I would rather be in summer. – Morgan Schweyen